Walnut Coffee Cake


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  1. Kathleen Konicki

    I’m not normally someone who likes “nut” coffeecakes – I usually get cheese coffeecakes. But, ever since I tried Orland Park’s walnut coffeecake, I can’t get enough. I have such a craving for them. They’re FABULOUS. I’ve never had another coffeecake like them anywhere. Orland Park also makes a pecan coffeecake, and as a rule I always prefer the taste of pecans over walnuts, but not in this instance. Their pecan coffeecake also is very good – don’t get me wrong – but their walnut coffeecake is OMG good! The flavor of the walnuts and the dough just go together like Shazam. If you’re even THINKING of trying their walnut coffeecake, don’t hesitate another second. Order it! You won’t regret it! You’re in for a real treat!

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