Thanksgiving Bread Basket


Thanksgiving Dinner Roll Basket- We only make these once a year specifically for Thanksgiving! We bake an edible basket which is made from our traditional white bread dough. We then fill the basket with a wide assortment of two dozen miniature rolls including pumpkin, pretzel, 7 grain, Rye, Italian, croissant, and our traditional dinner rolls. The basket is then wrapped beautifully with cellophane and ribbon. Perfect for a centerpiece on your own table or to bring as a gift to a Thanksgiving celebration!  ONLY AVAILABLE on the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

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  1. Debra Janssen

    I will pick up the basket on Wednesday morning

  2. Agnes Szarmowicz

    Looks great. I will pick up Wednesday morning.

  3. Thomas Leonard

    Pick up on Wednesday

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