Make at Home Atomic Cake


Our Famous and most popular cake that you can put together and decorate yourself!  Everything you need to make your own 7″ Atomic Cake is included.
– 3 layers of cake (already baked) Yellow, Banana, and Chocolate
– 3 Containers Whipped cream topping and 36%
– 1 Container of OPB Custard
– 1 Container of OPB Strawberry Gel
– 1 Banana
– 1 Container of Fresh Strawberries
– 1 Container of OPB Fudge Room temp
– 1 Container of OPB White Decorating Butter Cream
– 1 Piping Bag and Tip for Whipped Cream
– 2 Small Piping Bags for decorating
– Misc. Birthday and Graduation Decorations

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