Decorate Your Own Easter Lamb


Part of our series of DIY baking and decorating.  This kit will also be a part of our easter lamb decorating contest.  See our facebook page for more details!

Each Kit Contains:

– 1 opb lamb cake (naked)
– 1 lamb box and board
– 1 large container OPB butter cream
– 1 small container OPB Fudge
– OPB decorating butter cream
– green coconut
– 1 large pastry bag and tip
– 1 small pastry bag
– jelly beans and misc decoration
– general decorating instructions

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White Buttercream, Pink Buttercream, Chocolate ButterCream, Fudge, Coconut, Powdered Suger, Plain


  1. Susanne Richardson

    Great idea.

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