Atomic Paczki


ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE FOLLOWING DAYS – THURSDAY FEB 29th, FRIDAY MARCH 8th, SATURDAY MARCH 16th and SUNDAY MARCH 24th.  The OPB Atomic in Paczki form!  Our famous paczki stuffed with bananas and custard, fresh strawberries, whipped cream and our chocolate fudge.  This is far and away the most requested Paczki in our popular lineup.  Only available on selected days!

Currently Unavailable

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  1. Debbie Prahl

    I love atomic cakes. I have never tried your atomic paczki.

  2. Michelle mentz

    Dying to try this one, keep missing them.. so far fudge is my favorite, let’s see if this tops it.

  3. Maureen

    Love the atomic

  4. Maureen Z


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