OPB Original Giant Stuffed Pretzel


We are the best in the business at making pretzels.  We make our pretzels and pretzel buns each day from scratch.  The OPB Original Stuffed Pretzel is unique in that is made on a giant 3lb pretzel bread.  It is offered in 2 variations, both stuffed with 6lbs of meat, cheese, veggies and condiments!

OPB Club Style: The entire sandwich is covered with ham, turkey and Vermont Cheddar cheese. We add our homemade pretzel picadilski (chopped onion, pickle, tomato and spices). Finished with lettuce, mayo, mustard and olive oil.

3 Meat Americano Style: We make this sandwich in 3 sections, covering ⅓ of the pretzel with prime rib, ⅓ ham, and ⅓ turkey. The whole sandwich is filled with medium cheddar cheese, bistro sauce, mayo, sliced tomato, sliced red onion, chopped lettuce, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Each Stuffed Pretzel can be cut into approx 24 slices

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3 Meat Americano Style, OPB Club Style